How we got here...

Stephanie Sirianni



Happy Halloween!

Today is a bit surreal for me, it is hard to believe that this is actually, finally here...the grand launch of our website! 

Stating a new adventure is scary, but when you are "working" doing your passion it truly doesn't feel like much work at all.  Since the idea of Pure Earth Baby, I have been busy having fun and learning even more than I ever expected.  This journey has taught me many things already, but so far the largest lesson has been that when you are passionate about something you will do anything in your will to share it with others.  

Cloth diapering, babywearing, and breastfeeding luckily came mostly naturally to me.  There were struggles along the way, of course, and I sought out help, advice, resources, and products that really helped myself and my family work through those struggles.  I truly hope that others will find that type of support from our products and services, and find it with a bit more ease and comfort than I did.   

I'm glad you are here, we appreciate the visit and hope to support your parenting journey. 

With peace, love, cloth diapering...& babywearing...&breastfeeding,





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