Envelope Neck Onesie (Orange Stripe) by Cosilana

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Envelope Neck Onesie (Orange Stripe) by Cosilana

Organic cotton, wool and silk make up the soft clothing from Cosilana! Made from blends of organic wool and mulberry silk, this t-shirt is the best for baby and children's sensitive skin. Changing is made easier with the "envelope" style neck opening, as it slips on even the wiggliest baby or toddler. Cosilana shirts fit snugly and are great for layering in colder weather. These shirts are just as good as a single, breathable, layer any season!     

The 70/30 blend of Merino wool and Mulberry silk is a perfect balance of both textures.  Wool keep skin warm, is water repellent (think dry skin), and also repels dirt. The addition of Mulberry silk provides the wonderfully soft feeling which is ideal for all skin-types but is especially good for sensitive or problematic skin.

How to care for your Cosilana natural-fiber clothing:

Handwash or gentle cycle with warm water and mild detergent.  Lay flat to dry or tumble dry without heat.


Cosilana products are made in Baden-Württemberg in the Swabian Alb region of southern Germany of the finest natural fibers. Cosilana's materials are voluntarily and regularly tested for signs of chemical residue, and rejected for use if found to be contaminated. You can rest assured that your clothing will be free of harsh-chemicals or un-natural dyes. Since 2006 Cosilana has been a member of the IVN control system which promises the company's commitment  to environmentally sound production. 

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