The Arden All-In-One Hands-free Pumping Bra

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Looking for the ultimate all-in-one bra?  Look no further than The Arden! 


Getting to know The Arden bra:

  • The Arden allows you to PUMP (Hands-free!!!): Easily access the pumping openings via the cross-over panels, just unhook from the bottom band, get your pump flange/breast shield positioned comfortably and you're ready!
  • Nursing in The Arden is easy as pie, the pull-aside panel can be accessed via the cross-over panel for feedings anywhere!
  • Adjusting The Arden for comfort. To loosen or tighten the bottom band, simply select which of the five adjusters is best for you, and clip the hook onto the best one!

  • Handsfree pumping using a layer that provides a tight fit for a breast shield
  • Pull aside nursing panel so baby can have easy and complete access to the breast
  • Both sides are independent, to allow for simultaneous pumping and nursing
  • Convenient and efficient – Wear this bra all day, with no need to disrobe and change into an alternate hands free pumping bra
  • Innovative top cross over design to adjust the fit to your changing fullness level, create cleavage and remind you which breast was last used
  • Adjustable back straps that can be crossed for a racerback option Sexy and appealing design, that complements a woman’s figure, with feminine touches of lace trim, and practical color options Superior fit and comfort with soft cotton spandex with just the right amount of stretch
  • Compatible with all popular breast pump makes and models 

Available in sizes XS through XL


The Diary Fairy, unfortunately, cannot arrive to individually measure each nursing mama, but rest assured with nearly fool-proof  flexible sizing,  you can work your own magic to find the perfect fit with any Dairy Fairy bra!


How to order the best size for you

  • There can be differences in size, shape, or supply from pregnancy to pregnancy.
  • Generally speaking, a  women can expect an increase of one to two cup sizes and at least one band size  during pregnancy/lactation.  For example, a pre-pregnancy 34B size could typically be a 36D in terms of sizing for  nursing bras.
  • When the milk supply arrives ("comes in") there may be a noticeable slight increase in sizing, but generally evens out when supply is established per baby's needs.  After the transition to an established milk supply, the cross-over cover panel feature  of The Dairy Fairy bras really shines since they allow you to do a quick and easy personal customization by loosening or tightening to the most comfortable fit. 

Self-measuring for a great fit

  • First, you want to measure your BAND size.  Place tape measure, parallel to the floor, just below the breasts (see diagram below). Make sure the tape measure is snugly against your body, but not too tight as to cause discomfort. Read your measurement and and "3," this is your band size! 
  • Next you will need to find your CUP size. Place the tape measure across the fullest part of the breasts (approximately halfway between your shoulder and elbow) - see diagram below. Read your measurement, then subtract the difference between your BAND size and your cup measurement. For each INCH of difference, there is a one size change in cup size. This is your CUP size. (Example, your band size measurement was 29 (you add 3) = 32 and your cup measurement read 34. The difference between the two is 2, so your cup size would be a B. Your self-measured size is 32B.

TDF_Measurement Guide_1 

  • General cup sizes: 1″ = A, 2″ = B, 3″ = C, 4″ = D, 5″ = DD (E), 6″ = DDD (F), 7″ = G
  • Check out the sizing chart below to find your nursing bra size!


Fabric & Care

Hand wash in cold water with mild detergent or machine wash in cold water on the  delicate cycle and lay flat to dry.

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